The upcoming government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has devised a plan to promote the tourism sector, under government’s plan to develop at least 20 tourist destinations in five years - four each year.

PTI Leader Raja Khurram Nawaz told APP that the PTI, in its Manifesto, assured that their government would promote Pakistan as “Asia’s Best Kept Secret” in the global tourism market in order to boost tourism.

He said that PTI government would also undertake the uplifting of the accommodation infrastructure and transport services across the country for the provision of 5 star facilities to the tourists.

The PTI leader said that entrepreneurship would also be encouraged aggressively, especially by SMEs, to boost economic value and job creation in the tourism industry.

He said that according to PTI’s manifesto, the process of tourist visas would be improved, in particular for the tourist groups, which is a commendable initiative.