rawalpindi - Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has sent 45 cases of illegal water hydrants to the court of the Special Judicial Magistrate, (SJM).

Talking to APP, RCB spokesman Qaiser Mahmood informed that five water hydrants have been regularized and strict action in accordance with the law would be taken against those not following the rules. He said, earlier the owners of private water hydrants were warned of strict action upon failure to get their points regularized.

He said, the RCB had decided to regularize private water hydrants on a temporary basis for a limited period to facilitate the residents. On the orders of the apex court, a committee was formed which deliberated the issue and finalized a policy for an ad-hoc and interim arrangement for a limited duration in order to address the urgency and gravity of the situation arising out of lack of availability of water for the people of the area, he added.

He said, to provisionally regularize on a monthly basis, the 50 illegal water hydrants situated in the vicinity of RCB had been offered to pay monthly charges amounting to Rs 100,000 for hydrant with the capacity of 200 bowzer, Rs 75,000 for the point with the capacity of 150 bowzer and Rs 50,000 for those with the capacity of less than 150 bowzer. Monthly fee for tankers with 1500 gallon capacity will be Rs 15,000 and for 1000 gallon tanker Rs 10,000 while tankers with less than 1000 gallons will pay Rs 5,000.

For filling will be Rs 400 will be the source rate for 1500 gallons, Rs 300 for 1000 gallons and Rs 200 for less than 1000 gallons. Similarly, tanker water rates for public will be Rs 800 for 1500 gallons, Rs 600 for 1000 gallons and Rs 400 for less than 1000 gallons, he added. The owners had been directed to obtain proper license and deposit requisite fee otherwise action will be initiated against the violators. Illegal water hydrant and tanker/bowzer would be confiscated, he added.