SADIQABAD-Built in 1970, the bridge 1km away from Adda No. 210 on Tillu Road over a nullah has been in dilapidated condition since long.

It has been learnt during a survey that the bridge has fallen prey to negligence and funds paucity. Heavy traffic ply the bridge on a daily basis as it connects various areas and is a junction. The poor condition of the bridge endangers any untoward incident, posing a potent threat to the lives and belongings of the people travelling on it. The worst sufferers of the bridge's shabby condition are the commuters, for they have to travel on it twice a day-early in the morning and late in the evening. Their particular bete noire is the negligent authorities who do not pay heed to the frequent complaints of citizens.

"Each day, thousands of people including transporters, commuters, students, etc. travel through the bridge for different purposes," said the locals while talking to The Nation, and fearing "Every time, they have to pass the 'death line' on overloaded public transport which may cause a mishap anytime." The locals also claimed to have submitted numerous complaints to the district administration for rehabilitation of the bridge but in vain. They vehemently criticised the authorities' indifference to the public woes, saying that they had nothing to do with civic problems and drawing salaries for sitting idle. "Despite repeated complaints submitted for early repair to the bridge, none of the officials concerned have bothered to come and see the situation with own eyes," they flayed. They maintained that the bridge was dilapidated enough to be collapsed anytime, and adding that its destruction would cause a great trouble not only for the transporters but also for the ordinary people using the bridge for routine works. They demanded immediate rehabilitation of the bridge from the authorities concerned.