SADIQABAD-Saraikistan Qaumi Ittehad President Hafiz Javed Koreja said, "People of Saraiki Wasaib have great expectations from the prime minister-in-waiting Imran Khan."

Talking to media here, he said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf [PTI] had obtained the biggest electoral mandate from Saraiki Wasaib.

He further stated, "People of Saraiki belt do not want power rather they wish to get a separate province on the bases of their culture and ideology."

He urged the local politicians to work for the rights of the people of the Wasaib without considering their political affiliation.

He said that the people of Saraiki Wasaib had rejected the candidates in recent general elections who discarded their quest for a separate province.

On this occasion, Nasir Koreja, Subhan Ali, Riaz, Raees Ramazan Faridi, Abdus Samad Koreja, and others were present.


Independent candidates, elected on National as well as Provincial assemblies seat from Sadiqabad will have face harsh time if they decide to sit on opposition benches.

After making an alliance with the (PML-N) and the Pakistan People's Party [PPP] in Punjab, they will find it hard to get time to oversee problems of their voters.

They will also find it difficult to provide basic facilities of life i.e. water, gas, education etc. to the people of their constituencies which will tarnish not only their image as public servant but also endanger their victory in future elections.

Farmers decry water

shortage in tail-end areas

The farmers of tail areas of Sadiqabad have been deprived of even a single drop of water.

Farmers will have to face a lot of difficulties due to deteriorating crops owing to water shortage.

Drinking water has become rare for animals. Farmers have protested against the water scarcity and demanded a solution to their problem.

Locals including Malik Javed, Altaf, Ch Ilyas, Iqbal, Sikandar Malhi, Jan Mehr, Bagh Ali, Ch Maqsood, Ch Tariq and others told The Nation that they were being punished for belonging to the tail areas.

"Water is not available in Gilin miner and Likhi miner for previous many months due to which we have to face a lot of difficulties," they said, and added that water scarcity has not only turned fertile lands of tail areas into a barren but it has also dried up local miners and small reservoirs.

They demanded an immediate release of water into local miners from the authorities concerned.


RPO Faisal Rana distributed cash prizes and commendatory certificates to police officials for showing good performance during operati`ons against criminal elements in Kacha area.

The police officials who received prizes and commendation included Bangla Acha SHO Ch Ramazan, Bhong SHO Safdar Iqbal Sindhu and Assistant Sub Inspector Rana Ramazan and others.

They were awarded for successful operations against robbers and kidnappers. RY Khan DPO Waheed and SP [investigation] Anwar Chishti were also present on the occasion.

Addressing the police officers, RPO M Faisal said that brave police officers were an asset to the police department.

"Insha Allah! Police will take certain steps to eliminate crime from Sadiqabad," he stated.

The police officers, who received awards, vowed to work for peace and security of the people with more dedication. They said that peace could be restored in Kacha area with the help of locals.