Vice President of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Maryam Nawaz’s call for supporters to march to Islamabad with the aim of toppling the government when asked is unnecessarily fanning the divisive flames in the country and should not be encouraged. This is not to say that Ms Nawaz and her party do not have legitimate issues against the government, but as was clear during PML-N’s time in office, street politics meant to destabilise or topple a government only leads to stagnant development and economic issues.

Even if Ms Nawaz was able to execute her plan with pinpoint strategy and somehow managed to get the PTI government to step down – which is not realistic in the current climate – leaving a vacuum where the democratic process once stood will only lead to a power struggle between institutions and parties, which, as seen in the past, always has disastrous effects for the country at large.

In fact, it is the PML-N and Nawaz Sharif who pointed this out when Imran Khan and PTI were taking to the streets as a means to force Sharif to step down; calling for the same thing they stood against is not only detrimental to the country, it is also hypocritical at a time when the country needs a strong and unified government to respond to external threats.

The opposition is well within its right to protest against government policies, but looking to overthrow a democratic government when it has a substantial backing as a result of being voted into office, is not acceptable. A stable government is needed now more than ever, especially at a time when India is looking to ramp up conflict in the region by removing Article 370 in its constitution, that prevented mainland Indians from acquiring property on the Indian side of the disputed region. Maryam Nawaz must revaluate the course she is leading her party down currently; adhering to a reactionary strategy purely to oppose the government is not sensible. For the PML-N to retain its fundamental role in Pakistani politics, a different route must be taken.