KARACHI-Drama Queen Productions is set to produce a new English theatre play titled ‘And Then There Were None’. The play will premiere on the 10th August from 7:30-9:00pm.

The play is about ten strangers who have very little in common and are lured to a mansion on an island off the coast of Devon by the mysterious U.N. Owen. The play itself was written in the 1940’s- and has been performed hundreds of times around the world, on Broadway and the West End in London.

Speaking about the play, CEO, Drama Queen Productions, Sarah Saif, said: “We wanted to bring something new to the Karachi Theatre Scene because right now there are two extremes - one is Independent theatre and the other is extremely commercial theatre - and nothing in the middle. We wanted to bridge this gap so theatre could be available to all kinds of people - and can be enjoyed with ease.”

She added: “Since we are a company that believes in gender equality, we have changed quite a few things about this play. We have removed the racist aspect of it and even turned certain male roles into women in order to take the play with us to the 21st century.” Arman Tejani said: “Immersive theatre is an absolutely mind-boggling art form that hasn’t been fully explored yet, we’re really hoping to do justice to it and trying to take the audience to another world.”