Karachi is the biggest and metropolitan city of Pakistan as foreigners visit this megacity on and off while citizens from different parts of the country are settled in Karachi and their relatives also visit this city for excursions. What makes Karachi unique city of Pakistan is its moderate weather as compared to other cities of Pakistan. Probably, a city with such moderate weather would be hard to find on this earth.

What makes the weather of Karachi so moderate is the sea which surrounds this megacity. But it is really a matter of shame and grave concern that people who visit the sea also spread garbage. The horrifying factor is that broken pieces of glass bottles are seen scattered on the beach which can cause serious injury.

People who visit Clifton beach in particular or any beach in general should not throw any garbage on the beach so that neat and clean environment and healthy entertainment can be experienced. To enforce such practice, a minor penalty can be imposed by the Government to abstain citizens from such bad practice after a month of initiating a campaign to give awareness.