With the appointment of 3 new legal counsels as amicus curiae for Kulbhushan Jadhav by the Islamabad High Court (IHC), the government’s commitment towards implementing the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) judgement effectively becomes apparent. While the country continues to go above and beyond for this case, seeking a response from the previously passionate Indian government, now absent, is proving to be a task.

Despite Jadhav’s self-incriminating confession of fuelling terrorism and committing espionage in Pakistan, the government has taken upon itself to uphold international laws regarding convict protection simply to ensure that no one in the international community can ever blame us for mishandling the case. Consular access has been extended again along with the chance to file a judicial review. Whether India avails these opportunities is up for debate considering that the last judicial review, granted on July 18, was not pursued. The IHC further refrained from appointing a counsel for Jadhav’s defence and urged India to take control of the situation instead of forcing the government to act on its behalf. The fact that Attorney General Khalid Jawed Khan, is still chasing the Indian government for a reaction to this alludes to the possibility of them completely abandoning the case.

The Pakistani government has been extremely cautious to uphold itself to a higher standard and act in accordance to internal law as well as the recommendations provided by the ICJ. For India to now disappear just as the investigation makes progress and bears fruit not only prolongs the proceedings, but is distasteful as a whole. It is clear that they have given up on their man; this is to be expected when their plans to foment instability in Balochistan and Karachi were laid bare. None of this was news to Pakistan, but the fact that an Indian naval and intelligence officer has confirmed all of our allegations against India, makes deniability for the eastern neighbour virtually impossible.

The next hearing has been adjourned to September 3. Until then, the country will continue to comply with the stay order issued by the ICJ and remain on standby in case the BJP-led governance decides to counter its inaction.