Spokesperson of Sindh government, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, reacting to the federal government's cut in Sindh's financial share, termed it unconstitutional.  He said that the claims of the federal government are one thing and the work is another.  The federal government of PTI is only acting on claims.  

In a statement on Thursday, he said that under NFC, financial resources are distributed to the provinces every month. Under the constitutional procedure, financial resources are distributed among the provinces and PTI claims that they have improved the economy. 

Murtaza Wahab said the federal government was claiming to meet revenue targets in July.  The federal government said that it received more revenue than the target in July. If this claim of the federal government is true, then why was the financial share of Sindh reduced by Rs 63 billion despite the revenue, he questioned.

He further said that Sindh has received less than Rs. 28 billion from the federation in the month of July alone. The Sindh government spokesman asked how the expenses would be met if the financial share of the provincial government was cut every month.  How will the provincial government achieve its development goals?  

The provincial government’s spokesperson said that the federal government needs to do house in order and if the federal government has improved the economy then the effects of this claim should also be seen. "The federal government is incompetent or has no intention of working. We leave the decision to the people," he concluded.