ISLAMABAD - The Chief of Jamaat e Islami Senator Siraj ul Haq has demanded that the government summon a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) on Kashmir in Islamabad.

While addressing a mass gathering of protesters on the occasion of holding solidarity with the people of Kashmir here in Islamabad, Siraj ul Haq said that it was the time to break silence and let the world know about the brutalities of the Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir. He maintained that the government should restore the name of the Kashmir Highway as the people of Kashmir had rejected this cosmetic move by the government; adding that Jihad was the only way to achieve freedom for Kashmir.

He claimed that Kashmir was currently the largest jail of the world as it was locked down for the last one year, and the current government of Pakistan was equally involved in such a state of affairs. 

He lamented that the attitude of the government towards Kashmir was non-serious as for the eight months Kashmir Committee had no Chairman and after Fakhar Imam was appointed; the government replaced him with another one which was beyond explanation.

He said Kashmir was a matter of life and death for Pakistan and time was running out to make a decisive move to liberate this jugular vein; adding that India under the fascist regime of Modi was bent upon turning the Muslim majority into minority in Kashmir. 

He said Islamabad should send delegates composed of Kashmiri leadership to different countries to inform the world about the latest situation in the area.

Siraj ul Haq stated that Pakistani government failed to take up the Kashmir case at international forums thus providing opportunity to New Delhi to tighten its grip on the held area after its August 5, 2019 move. He elaborated that the government should immediately call a joint session of the Parliament to form a united strategy for the liberation of Kashmir from India,” said Siraj. 

He recalled that the Prime Minister Imran Khan had promised to be ambassador of Kashmir but he failed to keep his words. He concluded that every government in past seven decades just made hollow claims about the Kashmir cause and practically did nothing for the people of the area who were under the yoke of Indian slavery since 1947.