ISLAMABAD - The Human Rights Min­istry on Wednesday stressed that Kashmir is­sue had become an ap­palling human rights cri­sis that required both attention and active par­ticipation of the interna­tional community. 

The ministry of hu­man rights, according to a statement, organised a webinar on comple­tion of one year of lock­down imposed by the Indian government in In­dian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, when the Government of In­dia revoked Article 370 of the Indian Constitu­tion, stripping the Mus­lim majority territory of Jammu & Kashmir of its autonomy. 

The illegal occupation and annexation of Indian Illegally Occupied Jam­mu & Kashmir has been followed by a stringent lockdown, wide scale ar­rests, and an unprece­dented communication blackout. 

Since last August, 1.5 million Kashmiri chil­dren in IIOJK have en­dured extreme forms of violence. Citizens live in constant fear of forced abductions, arbitrary ar­rests torture, extra judi­cial killings and debilitat­ing injuries from pellet guns.