ISLAMABAD-Interior Minister, Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah on Wednesday saluted the courage and resilience of Kashmiris under siege for standing up for their rights and not giving in.

He was addressing a ceremony held here in connection with renaming of Kashmir Highway as Srinagar Highway. “I salute the courage and resilience of Kashmiris under siege for standing up for their rights and not giving in,” said the minister as he spoke to the participants of the ceremony. He underlined the need to reflect on self and come up with a strong strategic solution where the nation could look India in the eye and claim Kashmir. 

Earlier, the Minister for Interior unveiled the plaque of renaming the Kashmir Highway as “Srinagar Highway.” He appreciated the efforts of district administration Islamabad for successfully organising the events to express solidarity with Kashmiri people. He was of the view that Kashmir cannot be won over by mere slogans and statements and said the nation needs to work ahead in right direction and look for a credible solution. 

“We need to self-reflect and assess whether there is a way that we can win Kashmir over without firing a single bullet,” he said and added, 

“The purpose of saying this is to highlight the need of upgrading ourselves and look at India in the eye and put our stance out for the world.” He saluted all the Kashmiris for their resilience and courage and said it’s unimaginable that how they have survived a year of atrocities, rapes and murder. “The issue of Kashmir is as old as this country’s existence. I salute the determination of Kashmiri people as a whole for their continued struggle and efforts,” he said.

Ijaz Shah maintained that Modi is fighting a lost battle and added that by changing the special status of Kashmir he has exposed his fascist beliefs and identity. The Minister further said that every Pakistani will stand in solidarity with Kashmiri people till the very end. 

He said that entire political, religious and military leadership is united for this cause. 

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was working as an ambassador of Kashmir and added that the nation was together in this struggle. The Minister hoped that Kashmir will see the dawn of independence very soon.