LAHORE  - As per vision of Inspector General Police (IGP), Punjab Shoaib Dastgir and directions of Addl. IGP PHP Captain (retired), Zafar Iqbal Awan (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) swift action are being taken for the protection of lives and wealth of people on roads and against anti social elements.

In this regard, PHP Headquarters issued previous fortnightly performance report here on Wednesday. 

According to the details, Punjab Highway Patrol upholding its traditions, served the public on roads with determination and helped the public in many ways.

In order to increases efficiency of the department, different branches of Punjab Highway Patrol did projects under different heads. The details of these activities are given below. 

Punjab Highway Patrol lodged 418 cases upon violation of traffic laws, 84 cases of illegal weapons, its exhibition, and 66 cases against drug, 3,915 litre liquor, 14,440-gram heroin, 2,200-gram opium, 12,510-gram chars and 500-gram ice have been recovered from the accused whereas in case of illegal weapons 07 Kalashnikovs, 08 riffles, 10 guns, 59 pistols, 44 cartridges, 22 magazines and 831 bullets have been recovered from the accused. 

Moreover, Punjab Highway Patrol arrested 35 proclaimed offenders and court absconders. 

Furthermore, patrolling Police provided service to 240 commuters on roads during traveling, 06 missing children were also met with their parents, whereas taking action against encroachment, 112 temporary encroachments were eliminated. 

Addl IGP PHP Captain (retired) Zafar Iqbal Awan said that officials of PHP are continuing their duties with diligence in the wake of corona pandemic even without caring their own lives and protection of wealth and lives of people with provision of best service the public is their ultimate goal. 

Additional IGP PHP Captain (retired), Zafar Iqbal Awan commended the PHP officers and officials for performing Eid-ul-Azha duty with great commitment and diligence on all the highways of the province and said that PHP Force has done its best and proved to be one of the best forces in the country and to ensure the performance of duties in all circumstances to protect the lives and property of citizens. 

He further hoped that the officers and staff of PHP would continue to perform their duties with the same spirit and dedication in the future as well.