Meet the rising star of SEPMA, Hamza Akram Qawwal

ISLAMABAD - Karachi born qawwal Hamza Akram is only 27 years of age and has already made a name from himself, having performing at festivals nationally and internationally. Many Indian classic music lovers and enthusiasts consider Hamza to be the new great master of this genre, following in the footsteps of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the Sabri Brothers. Most recently, his musical genius has been recognized and celebrated by Shaan e Pakistan Music Awards (SEPMA). Hamza believes this recognition by SEPMA to “great honor”. While speaking to, he said: “I hope that through my collaboration, I can make my country proud. We need platforms like SEPMA. This organization is doing great work and it makes me so happy that it exists and genres such as qawwali get a chance to be recognized, as they didn’t before. It focuses solely on music and gives musicians of local genres a platform and recognition which is very important.”

SpaceX completes first test flight of Starship

ISLAMABAD - Elon Musk’s SpaceX took one small ‘hop’ closer towards the surface of Mars after completing the first successful launch and landing of its Starship rocket.Dubbed the SN5, the potentially revolutionary prototype performed an almost 500-foot leap above SpaceX’s development facility in Boco Chica, Texas, at 5pm local time. The nine-story large metallic cylinder ignited its single Raptor engine and slowly rose into the air before gently returning to the ground and landing upright a short distance away from where launched. ‘Mars is looking real,’ Musk tweeted in response to the launch, later adding that ‘Progress is accelerating’. For a moment after the engine first ignited, it looked as if the prototype was struggling to get airborne, but then it suddenly rose above its own smoke, hovered and came in for a soft landing.