LAHORE - The price of fodder has surged in 100 per cent three days ahead of the Eid. Phenomenal increase in the rates of different fodders has increased the prices of sacrificial animals. Traders, selling fodders at cattle markets and roadside places, have been making roaring business with impunity. As there is no check on the price mechanism, customers are being exploited. Authorities concerned are yet to take up the issue to facilitate the people. According to the survey conducted by The Nation, price of Chokar (powdered wheat) has shot up to Rs 20 per kg against Rs9 last year. Price of husk has touched Rs 280 per 40 kg this year. Khal and Banola are being sold out at the rate of Rs22 against Rs9 previous year. Instead of Rs66, Chara is being sold on Rs140 as per kg. The survey revealed that heaps of fodders of sacrificial animals could be spotted in streets and roads. Carts, tongas and vehicles unload the packs of animal foods at such places early in the morning. Sale will continues till night and bargaining is disallowed.