Political leadership of the country deserves lot of felicitation and appreciation for displaying rather rare demonstration of national unity in the wake of the threatening postures of India following terrorist attacks in Mumbai on November 26. December 2, 2008 will surely go down in the annals of the history as a memorable day when the politicians, irrespective of their political or other affiliations, gathered in Islamabad to deliberate on the situation arising out of the Indian threats and rose for the day after extending full and unconditional support to the government in view of the impending security, solidarity and integrity concerns. In all fairness, PM Gilani deserves to be commended for taking the initiative and inviting the political leadership of the country to sit together and deliberate as to what should be done to ward off the threats to the sovereignty and security of Pakistan. On the other hand, political and religious parties - irrespective of whether these are represented in the Parliament or not - responded to the PM's invitation in a very positive manner thus keeping the national interests, as required by the circumstances, uppermost over and above petty vested interests, differences and being politically poles apart from each other. Thus coming together in such a large number, they gave a befitting response to India's aggressive postures telling New Delhi in plain words that for the supreme national cause they are one like a solid rock. It is a matter of bitter record indeed that New Delhi never lets any opportunity to pass without blaming Islamabad for any action or wrong committed there by one or the other groups struggling for their rights. The unfortunate terrorist attacks in Mumbai was yet another such opportunity and the Indian rulers jumped on it without losing a moment as such. They persisted on hurling accusations against Pakistan, which itself is a victim of terrorism and extremism for quite sometime and suffering a lot for being part of the US led War On Terror, without solid evidence. Accusing Pakistan for the attacks despite Islamabad's offer to cooperate in the investigation only demonstrated New Delhi's negative and hostile attitude, despite the fact that the process of normalisation of relations and taking of confidence building measures process has been going since the past five years. It is indeed typical of the Indian rulers that they level sorts of allegations and at the same time also want the normalisation of relations between the two countries to continue because all this favours and benefits New Delhi the most in all respects. It is a bitter fact that neither the US nor India can ever be a friend of Pakistan, the lone atomic power of the Muslim Ummah. Relations with both the US and India need to be reviewed extensively and policy based on ground realities and past record of the rulers of Washington DC and New Delhi should be formulated on priority basis. At the same time, it would be quite appropriate that the Pakistani rulers should stop forthwith being apologetic and lying low attitude towards India and USA. After all, Pakistan was created under the inspiring leadership of the Quaid-i-Azam after offering great sacrifices in which millions of Muslims including women and children lost their lives at the hands of the Hindus and Sikhs. The people are ready to offer more sacrifices for ensuring sovereignty, freedom and solidarity and the rulers should be bold, daring and courageous enough to call spade a spade now that they enjoy full support of the nation which has amply been demonstrated by the political leadership on the occasion of the National Security Conference. There is no need at all to be apologetic or afraid of the consequences. It is better to lay down our lives fighting the enemies, within and without, than to live on cowardly putting heads down. An integrated, united, developing and progressive Pakistan has come to stay on the world map forever with the blessings of Almighty Allah - Inshallah. This blessed fact should not be forgotten even for a moment under all circumstances, please. The writer is a freelance columnist