LAHORE - City police have totally failed to check the criminal activities of a 'special gang of three robbers' having a 'unique style' of looting the citizens. Usually, robbers demand valuables first. In case of resistance they open fire and injure or kill their prey. But this new dacoit gang which appeared in the provincial capital some weeks back has adopted a different technique of robbery a police source said. These dacoits fire their target first without giving any warning and then take away the valuables. The gang comprises just three outlaws but has put the city police force in trouble. This different technique also shows how merciless outlaws of this gang are towards citizens. They do not like to waste their time as other robbers usually do, perhaps because it is rather easy for them to loot the injured person, instead of a man who has no injuries and may challenge or resist them. This distinctive street crime was witnessed in the city some weeks ago when three citizens were first injured by the gang of three robbers in separate incidents and then deprived of the valuables. Reportedly, the gang first opened firing on a citizen in Shahdara police limits, injured him critically and escaped with his valuables. The dacoits later shot injured another citizen near Saggian Bridge adopting the similar way. This time they shot injured a lawyer near Choburji Chowk in Lytton Road police limits and escaped from the spot with his money. A street crime of similar nature was again reported on Friday when a gang of three dacoits shot injured a citizen first and then deprived him of his motorcycle in Gulshan-e-Ravi area. The victim was identified as Ghulam Farid who was on his way to a local market. The same robbers again shot injured another citizen Muhammad Abbas in the area of Lytton Road police and took away his motorbike. Again the said outlaws targeted on a citizen Muhammad Ashraf in Nawankot police limits, injured him critically and escaped with his cash and a cell phone. This different strategy of the dacoits has created a panic among the victim citizens, their relatives and the others. Police officials were however, taking this 'style' of robbery as a routine matter and gave no serious attention towards this gang operating in the city fearlessly.