LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that nation should be thankful and pay tributes to former Prime Ministers, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif for making Pakistan a nuclear power, which eventually made country's defence invincible. He said this in an interview with Waqat TV on Friday. Shahbaz said that ZA Bhutto had laid the foundation stone of country's nuclear programme, whereas Nawaz Sharif decided to conduct six nuclear explosions in response to India's atomic tests to confirm nuclear status of Pakistan. Talking about Mumbai attacks, he condemned the incident, saying that responsible persons must be brought to justice and the Pakistan government should cooperate with India to investigate the matter. The CM, however, warned that if India attacked Pakistan under the pretext of these attacks, the 160 million Pakistanis and the Pak army would give a befitting reply to the enemy. He lauded Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for holding national security conference to formulate joint national response to possible aggression by India. To a question about PML unification, he said it was possible provided those who sided with dictatorship in the last eight years, sought forgiveness from nation for the national sin they had committed by supporting a dictator. He said country would face a bloody revolution if a soft revolution did not come. He, however, expressed his optimism that soft revolution would come that would engulf the rampant corruption, nepotism, favourtism and other social evils. When asked about the future of coalition government in Punjab, the CM said it was working successfully. He vowed to work in cohesion with the PPP in Punjab till the end. To a question about the ongoing war of words between him and Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, he said he did not consider it worthwhile to take notice of his (Taseer's) statements. "Barking dogs seldom bite", he observed, and added that according to the Constitution, the Governor had the power to seek information from the provincial government, but he had no right to act like a school headmaster and unduly interfere in its working. Citing his recent meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari, he said that he had pleaded with the president that Charter of Democracy (CoD) could serve as a basis to strengthen PPP-PML-N alliance. He said that in February 18 election nation had given mandate against 17th amendment, in favour restoration of judiciary to November 2, 2007 position and end to corruption. He hoped that judiciary along with Justice Iftikhar would be restored to its November 2, 2007 position. Responding to a question about local governments, Shahbaz said that district governments had misappropriated billions of rupees in the past. Quoting an audit report compiled by Auditor General, the CM said that financial corruption amounting to Rs 100 billion had been unearthed in Town Municipal Administrations alone. "Whenever Punjab government decided to take action against the local governments for their corruption the PCO courts come in the way", he deplored, and questioned "to which court should we approach to seek justice in this regard". He said that Chief Justice of Lahore High Court was an honest judge and he had asked him to appoint honest judges in the subordinate judiciary because PCO judges distort the Constitution while sitting in dictator's lap. Shahbaz said his government had increased salaries of judges working in subordinate judiciary by three times so that they could discharge their duties honestly to dispense justice to the public. Shahbaz Sharif said that nation would not accept any future political role of former President Musharraf who was responsible for pushing the country into quagmire of crises. He said that people would not tolerate Musharraf any more to play any role in national politics. He became emotional on the question of Musharraf's role in country's politics, and observed that no Pakistani would support a dictator who had compromised on national sovereignty and created flour and electricity crises. He (Musharraf) shut his eyes to those, who had indulged in corruption and tarnished judiciary's honour, he said, adding that such a person should have no role in country's democratic set-up.