It was a unique aerial visitor from Pakistan in a border town of Rajasthan recently -- a hawk fitted with a transmitter. BSF jawans, guarding the border along the Western region, spotted the hawk in Jaisalmer town and were intrigued by a "strange thing" protruding from the bird. A close study found that it was fitted with battery-run transmitter and an antenna. "It was caught after much trouble. On inspection, it was found that the bird was fitted with an antenna and a three volt battery," a senior BSF official said, adding on technical inspection it was found to be a direction finder. "We have brought the instrument to our main technical centre at Jodhpur to find out whether the electronic device is capable of taking pictures or transmitting any other details," the official said. Last year also, a hawk was caught in similar condition but was later found to be only a directional finder, generally being used by hunters for hunting. The hawks are used to pinpoint the area where the target (usually birds) fall.