FORMER president Pervez Musharraf has said that Pakistan itself is victim of terrorism and its role in the ongoing war on terror should be recognised. Talking to a private TV channel on Friday, Musharraf said that extremism needed to be rooted out completely. He said neither had terrorists any country nor nationality. Pakistan should not be blamed for any act of terrorism which took place anywhere in the world, he said, adding that no government or country could be held responsible for any such act carried out by an individual. The former military ruler stated that terrorism was just like a tree and that it should be extirpated. Asked about post-Mumbai attacks situation, he said that India should stop blame game and that Delhi's allegations against the Pakistan Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) were unwarranted and baseless. "Both are organisations and to criticise Army or ISI would affect war on terror," he stated. The ex-Army chief said that terrorism should be eliminated and world should be made a peaceful place to live in. He sated that Pakistan was made economically stability during his regime. Agencies add: Gen (r) Musharraf said that "Pakistan first" was his agenda and manifesto of life till his death. He stated that all should play their due role in the progress and betterment of Pakistan and "we have to end terrorism and extremism from its roots, as it is the responsibility of entire world community, region and each of us to tackle this menace." "As a nation, we have to think about the progress of Pakistan and we have to take steps for the social welfare of the masses and progress and development of Pakistan," he said, adding that to maintain law and order, ensure security and protecting property and lives of masses must be the top priority of the government. He further said that he still enjoyed friendship with his old friends. He said that he had no residence in the UK or US and was currently staying with his friends. He said that he would soon visit Saudi Arabia to perform Umra. While talking about the Mumbai attacks he said, "Before accusing Pakistan, India must understand Pakistan's role in the war on terrorism and work with it to eliminate this curse," he maintained.