Karachi, ruled by mobsters is even worse than Chicago of Al-Capone in terms of lawlessness, killings, extortion, land and drug mafia domination, because criminals have been allowed to hold at ransom the financial hub of Pakistan and its major port city for almost three decades. Those who proudly claim to have the mandate of this city, forget that their mandate is confined to delivering good governance, amend laws and take all measures to protect lives and property of citizens of Karachi and uphold rule of law.

It is the failure of state and its civil and khaki dominated establishment, which have allowed the law to be hostage to whims of criminals. Political mandate does not give anybody the right to kill, collect extortion, or spread terror in any part of the country. The people of Pakistan have a right to enjoy peace and security, which most of our political and bureaucratic establishment enjoy with their families and assets, both located in law abiding societies like UK, Canada USA etc.

Alphonse Gabriel Capone, an American born of Italian descent moved to Chicago, became a visible public figure, donating to charitable endeavors with his illegitimate money, till he was involved in 1927 St Valentines Massacre, when seven members of a rival gang were butchered in the battle for turf. Since nobody from Illinois dared to come forward as a witness in the absence of a witness protection law, the Federal Government convicted him on charges of tax evasion and he was sent to Alcatraz prison in 1931 for eleven years to be released on parole in 1939. Al-Capone never dared to come back to Chicago and died in Florida. Chicago which was the crime capital of America was finally rid of mob rule and Chicago Outfit, the gang led by Al-Capone. It is time for writ of law to be imposed in Karachi and no man should have the option to be asked to obey laws, nor should the elected executive be seen negotiating with criminals to further their own political objectives.


USA, December 4.