After truce in Gaza, accountability of Israeli war crimes against civilian population has become a big challenge for UNO, human right organizations and world community. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must be brought to the international criminal court for war crimes and the genocide in Gaza. After Egyptian backed peace truce between Hammas and Israel the rain of bombs and missiles halted in Gaza. They had rained on residential buildings, sports stadium, play grounds, banks, shops and markets during Israel’s eight days invasion on Gaza.

Horrible picture of dead and wounded innocent women and children, under the rubble of buildings, were in all the leading newspapers and TV channels all over the world. Israel targeted media center building several time in broad daylight to silence the media, two journalists lost their lives and several other were injured during the Israeli attack. Horrible stories of Israel war crimes are coming out of Gaza but unfortunately world community, UNO and Human rights organizations are silent and doing nothing to provide justice to the affected families. According to news 160 people, most of them women and children lost their lives during Israelis invasion. Israeli forces dropped leaflets from the air and warned Gaza people to leave their homes but people found no place to hide. Recent peace truce is big victory for Hammas. Egypt, Turkey, Tunis, Qatar and foreign ministers of all Arab countries visited Hammas ruled Gaza to show their solidarity with the people of Gaza


Jeddah, November 22.