PESHAWAR - The IGF champion alias burning wrestler in WWF Fujita Kazuyuki of Japan won both his bouts in Lahore and Peshawar by defeating his other finalist wrestler Shogun Okomoto here in the Inoki World International Wrestling for Peace Festival at Qayyum Sports Complex on Wednesday. Each of the wrestlers paid US $0.1 million for their participation in the two fights – one was held in Lahore on December 2, last, while the second was held in Peshawar at Qayyum Sports Complex.

Inoki Foundation borne all expenses of the events cost him 260 million besides presented a gift of the international standard ring, the first in Pakistan that cost Inoki 25m. The ring was especially air-lifted through a charter plane that cost Inoki 5.5m besides expressing solidarity with the people of Pakistan who suffered a lot during war against terror.

M Hussain Inoki took 13 wrestlers for the festival wherein five bouts each were held in Lahore and Peshawar. The sole purpose of the event was to deliver a message of peace to the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and to promote wrestling in Pakistan besides portraying the soft image of the province, Inoki said in his brief chat on this occasion. He said he loved Pakistan and its loving and peaceful people. “I have memories of my earlier visits to Pakistan in way back 1976, 79 and 84 where I came to Peshawar for second time,” he added. He has a slogan in Japanese “Pakistan Zinda Bad”. Both Aqil Shah and Mian Iftikhar lauded the efforts of Inoki for preaching peace to the whole world.

In the other fights Kendo beat Jo Akira, Taka beat Nobuyuki, Shincihi beat Ysuke, and Suzuki Hideki beat Atshushi. On the day of event, besides wrestling, ultra light flying, horses dance, traditional dances including Mehsud, Betani, Chitrali, Khattak Dances, Girls Band and Police Band display with traditional Games guli danda.

Earlier, Mian Iftikhar Hussain opened the festival wherein pigeons, balloons were released while Qazi Faisal with his power glider on his very low flight sprinkled rose petals on the spectators fences and Inoki and his team by carrying national flag as well.