Lahore - PML-N President Nawaz Sharif said Wednesday that the construction of the Kalabagh Dam was not possible without the consent of the people of Sindh.Talking to the media after a meeting with PML-N representatives from Sindh, Nawaz said that without forming consensus among provinces, the construction of the Kalabagh Dam would not serve the national interests. He said that he wanted a decision on the project which was acceptable to everyone, like the 1991 Water Accord, which was made during his first term as prime minister.Nawaz rejected the new local government law in Sindh, saying that the act had created a divide in the province. He said that his party would cooperate with all other parties opposing the enactment to save the province from rift.On Karachi situation, the PML-N president said the Supreme Court had named those parties which had militant wings and directed the government to take action against them but the government did nothing. He said it was regrettable that the parties involved in killings and identified by the apex court were part of the ruling coalition. If parties continued to cover up each other’s crimes, the killings would not stop, he added. He said that land grabbers were illegally seizing the land of people in Karachi and the government letting this injustice happen. Stating his development plans for the port city, Nawaz said that the PML-N would launch an underground metro train service to solve the commuting problems of Karachiites. The former premier said that electoral rolls could be easily revised before the upcoming elections without causing delay in balloting. “Revision of electoral rolls was done in the past, and can be easily done now.” Nawaz rejected that there were rifts in the Sindh chapter of the PML-N. He maintained that his party would win seats from Sindh in the general elections as the people regarded the PML-N as the alternative leadership.To a question about the PML-Q, he said that he was unable to understand whether this group had any ideology or agenda. He said it was strange that the PML-Q lost a Gujrat seat in Tuesday’s by-polls but was expecting to win seats from Hazara in general elections.