The prevailing plethora of ills rotting the PIA, with technical failures, flights delays and mega-corruption just to mention a few, has prompted the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to comment that nepotism rules the roost in the national airline. Not surprisingly the airline officials when asked in the court whether they had any solution to the prevailing problems were dumbfounded. This led the court to observe that the PIA management was itself responsible for the financial losses. One of the officials, however, stated that one of the problems was blatant disregard for merit and a transparent process of induction in service.

Over the years, this has exacted a heavy toll on virtually every department of the national flag carrier that once had the lead in the field the world over. The state of affairs has no wonder deteriorated to such an extent that they now seem past redemption. In fact, this culture of promoting cronies and political appointees of the ruling setup has turned out to be the biggest bane in so far as corruption and financial irregularities are concerned. Sadly, no answer was given to the Chief Justice’s query about the number of such appointees. As of now, there has been no action taken by the federal government even though the loss to the national kitty has been colossal.