During a session of Balochistan Assembly on Tuesday, Chief Minister Aslam Raisani challenged that no one could normalise the province’s law and order; he challenged the critics to take his office. His big words are a resounding reminder of his failure. And the fact is that despite having failed so badly, he is yet not ready to part with power.

The session was held by Deputy Speaker Matiullah Agha without the participation of Speaker of the Assembly Muhammad Aslam Bhootani who had earlier explained that since the provincial government was no more legal, he could not conduct its sessions. The strongest criticism that CM Raisani has received has been coming from the Supreme Court that in the past declared it unfit to protect the lives of the people and hence unfit to hold office. The Supreme Court hearings on Wednesday necessitate just that outcome. The Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry stated it categorically that the CM must take the blame for ongoing killings and incidents of kidnappings. He warned that the provincial government did not have the constitutional right by dint of which anyone running the setup was doing so at their own risk. In the light of this judgement, the CM must now exit the scene to let a better leadership try to set things right. It is now up to the central government to act swiftly and bring in a team that can stop the rising graph of crime.