The successive attack on Imambargahs in Karachi, Quetta, and Rawalpindi earlier this month has exposed the weakness of security forces and the audacity of terrorists who kill at will. Heavy contingents of security are unable to check their movement. These psychopaths are killing innocent people fearlessly all around the country shamelessly. This aggression shows there are wheels within wheels in Pakistan. Security measures are proving to be counterproductive. The more we concentrate on security, the more human loss is caused. All high claims of foolproof security during first ten days of this month proved to be just bubbles of water. Instead of raising slogans, some concrete steps logically enforced could have saved precious lives.

Our commiserations are with the bereaved families. May Allah keep their souls in eternal peace! Pakistan is bleeding in the holy month of Muharram-ul-Harraam. The month wherein wars with infidels are prohibited; but here, Muslims are killed by an unknown frenzied cult. A handful of fanatics are creating horrific chaos and playing with the lives of the faithful. It is high time people from all walks of life and civil society activists stood up to the occasion and curb the nuisance of terrorism with an iron fist. In the face of a failed state, collective efforts should be taken against all mentally sick fanatics to stop the genocide seen in Karachi and other cities. The whole country has been jolted to its foundations by these criminal acts. The pain and the loss that thousands of families have felt at the death of their loved ones cannot be comprehended by those sitting safely in towers of concrete with guards outside. We are, indeed, living in the most dangerous and volatile environment in the world and we need to take care of our own, each of us has to become a vigilante and look out for these elements that are destroying our country.


Islamabad, November 22.