At last the Bangladesh Awami League succeeded in changing peaceful Bangladesh into a blazing inferno. Today the streets of Bangladesh are presenting the picture of a battlefield. The supporters of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) in collaboration with the Jamaat-e-Islami are continuously clashing with police and other law enforcement agencies. They are protesting at the refusal of the government to make way for a caretaker set-up to watch over the parliamentary elections expected in January 2014. The leaders of the Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) are well aware of the reality that the politically mature people of Bangladesh would never repeat the mistake of choosing them as their rulers. It is the fear of political defeat at the hands of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party that the government of Sheikh Hasina is shamelessly trying to establish links of the BNP leaders with Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency, the ISI.

The Awami League leaders are getting guidance from their Indian patrons to defame the BNP as well as the ISI. The only aim is to confuse and de-track the people of Bangladesh who are already in a state of turmoil at the hands of cruelly corrupt ministers of the Awami League. This cruelly selfish strategy of the Awami League is turning Bangladesh into a devastated and deplorable state. The responsibility now falls on the people of Bangladeshi; they will have to settle all scores with the Awami League in the upcoming elections. They must try to realize that Pakistan is not their enemy; their enemies are those who wish to create misunderstandings between Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Multan, December 3.