LAHORE : The cellular firms  paid taxes worth over Rs866b since 2003-04, including general sales tax, activation tax, and several other levies. As per latest figures issued by PTA, major contribution has been witnessed in 2011-12 when the sector contributed Rs133.40b revenues and accordingly, the GST collections from the sector spiked by 20pc to reach Rs57.8b whereas Rs7.5b activation tax also collected. The PTA deposits reached Rs14.6b whereas other taxes are Rs53.5b. The sector started crossing Rs100b mark in term of revenue contributions from 2006-07 and reached Rs111.63b in 2007-08, Rs112b in 2008-09, Rs109b in 2009-10 and Rs117b in 2010-11.

The data said PTA’s contributions comprising all its receipts including initial and annual license fee, annual spectrum administrative fee, Universal Service Fund (USF) and Research and Development Fund contributions, numbering charges, license application fee etc. Others included customs duties, WH Tax and other taxes.