LAHORE  : All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association released its monthly data on Thursday. According to data, local sales of cement posted growth of 8.61pc while exports declined by 12.84pc during the month of Nov 2013, resulting in an overall marginal growth of 3.03pc.  During first five months of current fiscal year, the cement industry has posted a meager growth of 0.30pc compared with the same period during last fiscal year. Total dispatches during this period were 13.167m tons against 13.127m tons during the corresponding period of last fiscal year. Data compiled by APCMA showed that total sales of cement during Nov 2013 were 2.731 tons compared to 2.650m tons during the same month of last fiscal year.

The domestic sales increased to 2.13 million tons during November 2013 from 1.96 million tons during November 2012 while the exports declined to 600,000 tons from 689,000 tons.