Since independence nothing has changed for the people of Pakistan irrespective of the regimes – elected or military. The foremost reason is that basic issues were never addressed, deliberately or due to incompetence, lack of vision and sincerity on part of the ruling elite. All efforts had been made, and are still being made, to maintain the status quo to benefit the already rich and powerful elite while the poor have been beaten into the ground with inflation.

Nothing will change without addressing the following basic issues that plague the nation; the first being the population growth, unruly ruling elite and electoral laws, the rich and corrupt political parties, slack judicial system and unethical police, and absence of education which can mould the people to reform.

Our elite is ruling since 1947 and they amassed huge wealth by misappropriating state resources and through corruption. Their assets, business and family interests are in foreign countries and they have now become national security risk. It has become a cartel whose only aim is to loot and plunder. Its members protect each other and they are devoid of any moral and ethical values. The elite must be replaced with educated, honest and capable people with moral and ethical values having no interests outside Pakistan. This can be done by amending electoral laws and an independent election commission capable of implementing those laws to bar the corrupt.

No society can progress without peace and justice. To a great extent, our judicial system and police have failed, though there are other factors equally responsible, in this regard. A complete revamp of entire judicial system, investigation and prosecution procedures is required to ensure affordable and speedy justice. Recruitment, training, postings, transfers, promotions, rewards and punishments in police should be purely on merit and without political interference. Education of their children, medical facilities for the families, married accommodation, food and transport during duty and compensation in case of death may be looked after on the lines of armed forces.

Finally, our education system has not produced honest and responsible citizens with any moral and ethical values. These basic issues are interlinked and unless these are addressed in their entirety, nothing will change.


Lahore, December 4.