ISLAMABAD - Students of a Katchi Abadi school received sports equipment by School of International Law (SIL) here at Pehli Kiran School at F-11.

SIL students and faculty members went to the school to give the equipment to the students personally. The SIL Gaming Club was launched by the students for video game enthusiasts and as the first activity the Club held a PlayStation FIFA tournament, the admission fee of which was used to purchase sports equipment for Pehli Kiran.

The equipment consisted of a badminton set, cricket set, footballs and jump ropes.

The excitement on the children's faces was priceless and more than enough initiative for the Gaming Club to hold more such fun fundraising activities in the future.

SIL students had a chance to relive their childhood by teaching the kids different jump rope games and playing a set of badminton with them. The initiative was conceived of Suleman Zeb, Samee Uddin Khan Qureshi and Farah J Khan who are to congratulated for their thoughtfulness.

The Pehli Kiran School System is an initiative of the JAQ Education Trust, consisting of eight non-formal schools in slums of Islamabad. The schools are unique in that they cater to children from mobile squatter communities who do not have access to basic educational opportunities.

Pehli Kiran School System is unique in that it caters to children from transient communities living on the fringes of the cities, who often fall through the cracks of the mainstream system. Many of these are working children, who would otherwise not have access to any education.

SIL is dedicated to inculcating responsible citizenship and a spirit of generosity amongst its law students.