Had it not been for intervention in public interest by the Supreme Court headed by CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry, rampant corruption, abuse of power and merit by incompetent cronies, appointed by PPP led coalition, would have been more acute. A lot still needs to be done to reform the lower judiciary and eliminate nexus of few corrupt lawyers and equally incompetent magistrates and session judges, who are bent upon denying justice to the masses.

If elected executive had not appointed matriculates and inter pass corrupt individuals in violation of merit and spirit of constitution, our SC would have not intervened. The heist in the form of ‘Rental Power’ has destroyed our economy. It was criminal abuse of power by elected government and paid bureaucracy that destroyed our state owned air, rail and road transport system, NHA, Steel Mills, regulatory financial institutions, OGRA, NICL, CAA, SECP etc. Thousands of containers loaded with contraband goods and weapons, booked under fake ISAF documentation, left the port and disappeared with connivance of customs, intelligence, and security officers, without payment of duty.

Numerous innocent citizens were massacred in Karachi and land mafia rendered thousands homeless, because elected government and paid public servants chose to ignore their primary constitutional obligation to protect the lives and property of citizens, for sake of short term political benefits. The CJ of Pakistan and his fellow judges are held in high esteem by people and enjoy more credibility than any other individual public office holder. As for character assassination campaign launched by few anchors, lawyers and corrupt politicians, viz a viz irregularities of his wayward son, the Judicial Commission headed by Shoaib Suddle has submitted its findings that two individuals were guilty of tax evasion of Rs 120 billion and Rs 2 crore respectively. Failure to recover these taxes and punish individuals lies solely on executive and FBR, who are perhaps hesitant to confront the ‘Land Mafia Don’. Few prominent lawyers who played a role in restoration of judiciary are prominent in criticizing CJ, but it is ironical that most of them are on the payroll of the ‘Don’ who owes Rs 120 Billion in taxes.


Lahore, December 2.