PESHAWAR - The prolonged wave of brutal terrorism and lawlessness continued in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa even in 2013, claiming lives of 591 people and injuring 1,413 others while a total of 181 bomb blasts, including major suicide attacks, have been carried out so far.

According to available data compiled by The Nation, the month of September 2013 was more horrific in terms of fatalities as three major attacks were carried out in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Peshawar which claimed lives of 160 people and injured 230 others.

One of the major attacks of 2013 was a suicide attack on All Saint Church when two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the concluding session of worship at All Saints Church near Qissa Khawani Bazaar in Peshawar city. The blast occurred at a time when the service had just ended and at least 400 worshippers were greeting each other when the huge explosion engulfed them. The tragic attack has also claimed lives of 34 woman and seven children.

In the same month on September 27 a bus carrying government employees from Civil Secretariat was targeted in Gulbela area of Peshawar, which resulted in killing of 19 employees and injuring 42 others. The bomb was planted in the back portion of the coach.

Soon after this incident on September 29 a car bomb blast killed 42 persons and injured 100 others in Qissa Khawani Bazaar of Peshawar. The blast caused major destruction, damaging a two-storey building and gutting several shops. The killed person also included 19 of a single family who came to Peshawar for a marriage shopping. Around 50 shops were also damaged completely as a result of this powerful explosion.

Before launching these attacks on September 15, Major General Sanaullah Khan and Lt Col Tauseef were targeted along with a soldier, Irfan Sattar, in an IED explosion in the Upper Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa near Pak-Afghan Border. Major General Sanaullah was the General officer commanding Swat Division and at the time of the attack he was monitoring the front check posts bordering Afghanistan. The attack was claimed by TTP.

Among other major bomb blasts the major attack of January 10, 2013 was a blast in Takhtaband Road in district Swat Tablegi Markaz in which 30 members of the Tablighi Jamaat were killed and more than 70 others were injured. Some police officials initially claimed that the blast was caused by a gas cylinder but later it was proved that it was terrorist attack.

In February 01, 2013, 28 Shiite persons were killed and 46 others injured when a suicide bomber struck outside a mosque just after the Friday prayers in Pat Bazaar in Hangu district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. On February 02 another blast in Sari Norang area claimed lives of 13 and injuring 11 other persons when a suicide bomber entered a house in a nearby residential colony in camp of security forces in district Lakki Marwat.

After this attack on March 09, 2013 a blast occurred in a mosque of Jamia Hafsa Chishtia in Peshawar, which resulted killing of six persons and injuring 11 others. On March 18 another suicide attack was carried out in judicial complex Peshawar, which killed five persons and injuring 50 others.

On April 16 the election rally of Haji Ghulam Bilour was targeted with suicide blast which resulted killing of 37 persons and injuring 35 others. In the same months several minor explosions were also reported which also claimed lives of 10 persons and injuring 12 others. Two other blast blasts claimed lives of eight persons and injuring 48 others in district Kohat and University road Peshawar.

The month of May also witnessed several untoward incidents in which major attack occurred in Darra Adam Khail, Doaba area of Hango and Domail area of Bannu claiming lives of 75 people and injuring 153 others.

The month of June was not less than the other month in which major attack carried out in Shergarh area of Mardan, Gulshan Town of Peshawar and Badhabera area. Among member of provincial assembly who was killed in Shergarh attack, 72 other persons were killed and 133 others got injured. In July 2013, 13 people were killed and 26 others got injured in various blasts carried out in separate areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The total casualties of terrorism in October 2103 were 39, while 50 others got injured in separate incidents of bomb blasts. The major attack of this month was attack in Kulachi area of Dera Islamil Khan district in which 11 persons were killed and 30 others got injured.

Other blasts of this month included blast in Spin Tall area of Hangu in which 15 persons were killed while another blast, which was carried out in Bannu, claimed lives of three persons and injured seven others. The month of November was comparatively low in term of casualties as four persons were killed and 21 others got in injured.  It is pertinent to mention that number of people and personnel of law enforcement agencies killed in target killing incidents is not part of the report.