LAHORE - Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed has asked the government to push India to give right to self-determination to the people of occupied Kashmir.

Addressing a gathering of thousands of activists, including women and children, on the last day of the JuD convention at Minar-e-Pakistan on Friday, Hafiz Saeed argued that if India could send its army to Afghanistan, Mujahideen had the right to enter Indian Held Kashmir to help their Muslim brothers.

“If India is not willing to give the self-determination right to the people of Kashmir, the Pakistan government was justified in helping them,” he maintained, giving a caution to wage a war against the neighbouring country for the rights of the people of Kashmir. Hafiz Saaed believed that jihad was the only option to liberate Kashmir from India. He termed Kashmir the jugular vein of Pakistan as declared by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

According to him, India and Israel were the open enemies of Pakistan and the duo was hatching conspiracies to destabilise the country through terrorism. He held that both the countries were conspiring against the atomic programme of Pakistan.

He urged the Muslim world to form its own union and the same currency on the pattern of European Union. He added the Muslim states should have a united army and an international court of justice He believed the interest-based economy was the main reason behind the financial problems, saying the country could achieve development by getting rid of it.

Hafiz Saaed held that America could never win the war in Afghanistan. In a situation when America, India and their allies were trying to occupy the Muslim countries, the Muslims had no option except jihad, he argued. The JuD chief asked Daesh (a militant organisation fighting in Iraq and Syria) to go to Israel for jihad and help the people of Palestine instead of waging a war within the Muslim countries. He stressed the need for an Arab world having no American and Western army.

Slightly hinting at Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s protest movement for bringing a ‘revolution’ in the country, Hafiz Saeed said no revolution could be brought by chanting slogans on roads. He added revolution could come only with the help of Allah Almighty.

The JuD chief spoke against feudal system and sectarianism in the country. He urged the people of Pakistan to shun their differences on the basis of ethnicity and provincialism and get united to make Pakistan an Islamic state.

Hafiz Saeed urged the political parties to leave the politics of sit-ins and containers and make joint efforts to enforce Islamic laws in the country.

He vowed to take revenge from India for its brutalities in Held Kashmir and separation of East Pakistan. He asserted that JuD did not believe in the politics of violence and declared that suicide attacks had no legitimacy.

He said JuD would expand its social activities and relief network to tehsil level. He announced to start a movement for the revival of Pakistan Ideology, saying it was the basis of unity among the countrymen.

The two-day convention of Jamaat-ud-Dawa ended after Friday prayers with the final speech of the party chief. The representatives of different political and religious parties attended the convention.

It was an impressive show and presented a picture of fine discipline and organisational skills of the Dawa activists. The JuD established a social media camp and displayed different stalls for the visitors and participants. The JuD workers performed duties with traffic wardens for smooth traffic flow. Security arrangements were fine and the JuD leaders thanked the Punjab government and the home department for cooperation.