LAHORE - The two-day 13th International Mystic Music Sufi Festival 2014 will start today (Saturday) at Alhamra Cultural Complex, Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. This festival has been organized in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

The Sufi Festival will bring together a diverse group of Sufi singers from Pakistan, Syria and Iran to showcase Sufi poetry and music that was created more than a thousand years ago. It has also been a great platform for over a decade to bring the best and the most inspiring Sufi Traditions of the Muslims to the rest of the world, thus introducing the truly peaceful and soft image of Muslim Sufism and its rich cultural heritage.

Since it was first organised in year 2000, the festival has attracted participants from over 22 Muslim countries in the past. Sufi music is a strong part of Rafi peer‘s image due to our interest and commitment to promote art and culture. We believe that Sufi music is an effective tool to bring revolutionary change in society both socially and ethically.

Sufi music and art performed by artists from every part of Pakistan emits the true picture of our traditions and artistic abilities. It grabs the attention of people for various forms of Sufi singing and devotional expressions and gives, a deeper picture of our peaceful Islamic insight. It takes us beyond the opaque labels of extremist and facilitates us in promoting cultural activities and improves the soft image of our country.