ORAKZAI AGENCY - At least one soldier was killed and six others sustained injuries in a rocket attack by militants in Orakzai Agency on Friday.

According to details, militants fired over one dozen rockets from Shireen Darra and Khwa Darra, which landed at Kalaya, tehsil headquarters of Lower Orakzai Agency. The rockets were fired from time to time in two hours, sources said. They added more than one dozen rockets landed at Kalaya.

As a result, Naib Subedar Sanobar Khan was martyred while six others, including Gul Rehman, Abduz Zaman, Kalam Asghar and Sultan Zahid, were injured. A civilian also sustained severe wounds in the attack. The injured were rushed to hospital. The forces severely pounded militants’ positions at Shireen Darra and Khwa Darra. Owing to the rocket attack, fear gripped the residents of Feroz Khel and Anjani areas.

The army has launched a full-scale operation ‘Khyber One’ against militants at Khyber Agency while the militants have accelerated their attacks on the forces in Orakzai Agency.

2 Aman Lashkar men killed in Khyber blast

INP adds: Two volunteers of an Aman Lashkar have been killed in a roadside bomb blast in Khyber Agency.

According to the political administration, Aman Lashkar Tauheedul Islam (TI) volunteers were targeted with a landmine in Nari Baba area. Tauheedul Islam volunteers have been up in arms against Lashkar-e-Islam (LI) and casualties have been reported from both sides from time to time.