Islamabad - Peace and Development Foundation organised a seminar here at a local hotel on Friday for peaceful coexistence among the citizens of Pakistan.

A large number of people from different schools of thought, including civil society, media, students and religious authorities from various religions, participated in the seminar. Speaking at the occasion PML-N MNA Khalil George, parliamentary secretary for religious affairs, said that peaceful coexistence is a pre-requisite for a civilised society.

He stressed the need for unity among religions for peace in society. He said that inhuman incidents like Kot Radha Kishan should not be linked with religion. He said that Muslims, Christians and Hindus should celebrate all their religious festivals together for love and harmony. He said that no religion teaches extremism and violence.

President all Pakistan Hindu rights association Haroon Sarab Diyal in his address said that where there is justice, it means that the religion is being followed. He said that we have failed to act upon the directions of Allah. “We need to understand the message of our respective religions”, he added.

Senior journalist Mohammad Ziauddin said that our present leaders have forgotten the ideology of the founding father of Pakistan, wherein minorities have been given their due rights. He said that some religious factions in the country used religion as a tool to gain political aims and to suppress the dissenting voices, which has reduced the minorities into third-rate citizens.  He said that it is the right time to eliminate all kinds of discrimination and injustices against different religious sects and minorities to elevate the status of Pakistan among civilized countries.