Stealing from the state is rampant in the public sector organizations. Notorious thieves are rewarded. They are upgraded. They are promoted. They are given additional charges because this land has become barren in terms men of merit and character. Impure are admired and pure, in their mind and heart, are put in a fix. Those who steal the state resources tactfully and invent stories about all and sundry are given repeated extensions in their contractual employment, not in all cases but in the majority cases.

Facts establish that thieving or partnership with thieves is essential for a successful employment in the public sector organizations. If one is not a thief or he is averse to thieving or tries to oppose the stealing of the State resources then his evil days start in the organization. He is even deprived of his legal hiring facility on irrational grounds because people in power and authority know that whatever they will do there is none to reign in them.

Undeniably, those who steal the State resources they thrive in this country. They build bungalows across the country. I could meet one Assistant of the Federal Board of Revenue in one posh sector of the Federal Capital Islamabad, indeed, with a humble background but now with his own bungalow and thee luxurious cars, and also a huge bank balance in national and foreign banks. When one Assistant of the FBR, with a low salary, has emerged that much more opulent in this country, what about the officers?

I personally know several upright, honest and gifted officers, among others, have quit this country they considered that they were unable to counter or join the thieves in their thieving. Our ruling elites also appear to have partnership with thieves. They all love bribes and chase after gifts. They do not defend the cause of the fatherless and helpless.

However, corruption fighting agencies, including the Rangers, are relentlessly fighting against these thieves of the State resources. Now the question is: Can the Rangers stop thieves from thieving? It is only time to tell the truth and answer this question.


Islamabad , November 16.