ISLAMABAD : To commemorate International Mountain Day the students from different colleges of the twin cities skillfully painted the ‘mountain culture’ in an oil-on-canvas painting competition.

The contest was organized in collaboration with the Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) in connection with the on-going 6th Pakistan Mountain Festival, the annual flagship event by the Development Communications Network.

The Pakistan Mountain Festival Director Munir Ahmed said on this occasion, “As many as 42 students reflected their love for the mountains and its culture with variety of colors on canvas.

The Hunza and Kalash women, culture and heritage have been the preferred themes for the participants.

Munir Ahmed said “we the ‘experts’ and the organizations are also responsible for the youth’s ignorance towards the worst climate changes happening around us. We need to launch youth awareness campaign on changing climate.

Riffat Ara Baig, the coordinator of the painting competition, said art can be a multi-fold medium to educate and inspire the youth and general public to love mountains not only for their beauty and natural landscape but as source of biodiversity, forests and frozen water that we need to continue our life and livelihood.”

Waqar Ahmed, the Resident Director RAC, said the Rawalpindi Arts Council always promote youth engagement in the creative pursuits, and encourage collaboration with the non-governmental organizations as well for such kind of events.

The participants termed the event a source to inculcate love for nature and to sensitize the youth on the issues confronting the highlands. Laraib Rafique said that she was there to express her love for the beauty-rich mountains that attract tourism.

Hadia Zahra the participant from national college of arts Rawalpindi said such kind of events help raise awareness on the issues. While living on the footsteps of the Margalla Hills we need to know and educate the youth the importance of mountains in our lives.