ISLAMABAD: Cabinet Committee on Energy met Khawaja Asif, Minister for Water and Power, in the chair to discuss K-Electric transactions.

During the meeting, Shanghai Electric Power, new proposed shareholder of K-Electric, presented their business plan worth nine billion dollars for improving and value adding in the KE power infrastructure including transmission, distribution and generation.

Shanghai Electric Power, one of the largest companies in power sector in China, also shared their profile and international expertise and similar experience.

Government of Pakistan appreciated and welcomed the investment and change of shareholder in K-Electric.

Government of Pakistan also highlighted the need for K-Electric to synchronize their plans of investment to bring up the infrastructure and the generation facilities, with the overall national plan for minimizing and eliminating load shedding in the country by 2018.

Government of Pakistan ensures its support to the efforts for improvement in the quality and quantity of service to the consumers of K-Electric.