ISLAMABAD -  The APCNGA on Tuesday asked the government to provide relief to the millions of consumers by slashing gas price for the CNG sector.

Recently, the ECC reduced the gas tariff by Rs200 per million British thermal units (mmbtu) for industrial consumers, which is a laudable move but the CNG sector was not given the benefit, it said.

The reduction in gas tariff has revitalised many sectors including the fertiliser industry but the CNG sector could not get the benefit as is was kept out of the list, said Central Chairman of APCNGA Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha.

In a statement issued here Monday, he said that there is a very narrow difference between prices of petrol and CNG which has reduced the consumption of cleaner fuel therefore the reduction in tariff of local gas for the industrial sector should also be applied to CNG sector. He said that price of natural gas has been reduced from Rs 600 per mmbtu to Rs 400 per mmbtu across the country for industrial sector therefore the CNG sector should also get relief of Rs 200 per mmbtu.

Reduction in price of natural gas will reduce price of CNG and RLNG which will provide relief to motorists, help revive the troubled sector, save jobs and environment, and help reduce budget deficit, he added. It will also result in promotion of CNG in new cars which will have a positive impact on the overall environment in different urban centres while it will improve the confidence if international investors, he added.

Ghiyas Paracha said that APCNGA is making a proposal for the government to allow installation of new lightweight gas cylinders in cars which will improve the efficiency of the vehicles.