ISLAMABAD -  The meeting of Central Selection Board (CSB) for the promotion of around 400 bureaucrats would be held on December 13, The Nation has learnt.

The board would decide the fate of officers from Grade 19 to 21.

The Supreme Court had ordered the Federal government to convene the CSB meeting in two weeks and also review the cases of those officers who challenged the last CSB in court. 

The meeting of the CSB would be conducted after 19 months on December 13th to be chaired by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Chairman at the Establishment Division. Federal Secretaries of the Establishment and Cabinet divisions will also attend the meeting.

The CSB meeting will continue till December 15th. 

Following the SC direction, the Establishment Division has started the preparations of grade 19 and 20 officers lists of different services groups. 

The Establishment Division has also asked the Ministries/divisions to submit details of the officers of grade 19 and 20 to it, as soon as possible.

According to the rules, the meeting of the CSB should take place after every six months but the incumbent government could not hold the meeting during the last 19 months.

Talking to The Nation, a senior officer said this was the first time in history of services that the CSB was going to be held after 19 months.

He said that the promotions of around 400 officers were in the doldrums in grade 20 and 21 due to the delay in the holding of the CSB meeting.

The officer said that the services structure was damaged badly due to the delay in Promotion Board meeting and the promotions of hundreds of officers were due from the last one and half years.

On the other hand, the Federal government could not appoint the regular Secretaries in Federal Ministries and five posts of Federal Secretaries are still vacant. 

The dearth of grade 22 officers is due to delay in promotions of grade 19, 20 and 21 officers in next grades.

At present, only one officer of grade 22 is at the disposal of the Establishment Division.