Islamabad-Serena Hotels arranged a wonderful morning of hiking for members of the diplomatic community under the Adventure Diplomacy Initiative, which encourages human engagement with nature while testing physical prowess at the Margalla Hills Trail6.

An enthusiastic group of more than 40 diplomats and friends of Serena participated in the hike, which concluded in a rustic breakfast set amidst the beautiful flora of the Hills.  

While the first 1.5km was an easy climb, the incline and terrain became more challenging further up the trail, the hikers took a brief respite midway and took the opportunity to take some beautiful photographs of the scenery.

The trek ended on the plateau over looking Talhar Village and the valley, it is considered one of the most beautiful and eye catching locations in the Margallas, with a multitude of birds in the trees, the trail and the Hills are a delightful retreat for photographers, nature lovers and birdwatchers. 

While talking to The Nation on Monday, Senior Manager Marketing, South and Central Asia Serena Hotels Zubia Asher said we provide platform to young talented Pakistanis individuals where they can showcase their expertise in various fields such as sports, art and music and exciting adventure sports as well and we would continue to provide that in future too.