ISLAMABAD -  International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) and Indonesia’s Darunnajah Foundation yesterday signed an MoU to enhance cooperation in the field of education.

Indonesian delegation headed by Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan Iwan Suyudhie Amri and Principal Darunnajah School System Dr Sofwan Manaf visited the IIUI to discuss mutual cooperation and to prepare a roadmap for exchange of faculty and launch joint training programmes.

This meeting was part of a proposed MoU agreed between both sides a few months ago. It was agreed on the occasion that soon an MoU would be signed by both sides to expand bilateral cooperation in various disciplines.

“The IIUI is a unique hub of learning, its collaborations with Indonesian educational institutions can bring positive results in the field of education and the discussed MoU between IIUI and Darunnajah will be a milestone in this regard,” said the Indonesian envoy.

Dr Sofwan Manaf said on the occasion that Darunnajah University is interested in learning from expertise of IIUI’s Arabic faculty, while a lot of opportunities in the field of education can be explored mutually.

Acting President IIUI Dr Muhammad Bashir Khan said on the occasion that educated youth is necessary for a prosperous and vibrant society.

“IIUI would keep playing its role to nurture young minds according to contemporary requirements in the light of Islamic teachings,” he said.

He also apprised the delegation about the MoUs signed by the university and told that university was providing a perfect milieu of learning to the students of more than 40 countries.