LAHORE - Parliamentarians are supoosed to do legislation rather than being involved in civil works, Pak Sarzameen Party chairman Mustafa Kamal said yesterday.

Kamal, while addressing the Lahore High Court Bar Association, criticised the interest of MNAs and MPAs in construction of roads and other works.

The former mayor of Karachi believed the development work should be carried out by the representatives of local government.

The PSP chairman along with general secretary Raza Haroon concluded his three-day tour to Lahore to organise the party in Punjab. After arriving in Lahore on Saturday, he visited Data Darbar, met party workers, addressed Meet the Press programme at Lahore Press Clun and Lahore High Court Bar Association.

Mustafa Kamal said he was in Lahore not to bring damage to other party’s vote bank but to unite the people of Pakistan under a national flag, no matter what party they work for.

“Hatred in the name of religion, cast and provincialism is the main hurdle behind the progress of Pakistan,” he stated during his tour.

Addressing the LHCBA, he emphasised the need for strengthening the local government system. He reiterated decentralisation of power was the solution of problems the country was confronting with. “NAB cannot stop corruption on its own. Decentralisation of power is necessary for eradicating corruption,” he held.

The PSP did not want a democracy that was only limited to Islamabad, Kamal added. He also expressed wonder over the fact that people, who called MQM founder as their leader, were not ready to resign from national or Sindh assembly’s seats even on their founder’s directions.

As Karachi mayor, he claimed, he never got involved in any sort of corruption. “Karachi is like a bouquet and is now reshaping into its original form once again even after decades of mafia rule,” the PSP chief said, adding that linking Karachi with rest of the country was his party’s mission.