People are prone to government jobs as compared to private sector in Pakistan. Most of the young generation wants to join government jobs and give least priority to the private jobs. Here the question arises; why do people have more preference to work in the government sector despite having 3 times more salary in private jobs? Although the private sector is more advanced and provides handsome salary packages, it is less secure and very hectic for the employee. There are fixed holidays in the government jobs while private sector employer can call you even on holidays due to work load. There are no pay scales in private jobs. Employee can have problems in getting his salary due to poor economic condition of the company.  

While in government sector, the salaries are given according to the employee pay scale. There are very limited facilities in the private jobs. They take more work and give less compensation. While government sector takes less work and give much allowance. Government jobs are pensionable while there is no rule of pension in the private sector. It’s really very difficult to get a government job in a country like Pakistan where corruption prevails everywhere. The employees are being hired on references in every sector rather than chosen on merit. Still, people want to start their carrier in the government sector due to the stability and security of the government jobs. The government sector in Pakistan needs much improvement for the better carrier growth of Pakistan’s youth. 


Rawalpindi, November 3.