LAHORE - The second round of the three-segment Inter-Club Golf Teams contest among Gymkhana, Defence Raya and Royal Palm completed here at the Royal Palm golf course on Monday.

Through this golfing battle, the 20-member teams of each of the three leading golf clubs of Lahore aim for ascendancy over each other by applying golfing skills in a way that they yield honors for them as individual players of substance and also bring glory for their parent club.

The Defence Raya team compiled 22 points as against 21 points compiled by Royal Palm team and 17 points going into the bag of Gymkhana team. As the status of the encounter stands, the title winner will be decided on December 24 when the three golf teams are pitched against each other again and the venue of the final round will be the Defence Raya Golf Course.

In the course of the second segment played at Royal Palm golf course, the players, who stood out for Defence Raya, were Zunair Aleem Khan, Murad A Khan, Jamal Nasir, Umer Chaudhry, Khurram Khan and Dr Nasir Zia. Each of them displayed courage in their golfing round and through an overall steady effort won two points each for their club.

Those, who won a point each for Defence Raya, were Imran Ahmed, Nasir Irshad, Asif Bajwa, Dr Dildar Chaudhry, Zulfiqar Shah and Haroon Rashid. A point and a half each to the tally of 22 points was contributed by Col Asif Mehdi and Majid Madni. Ahmed Rafi and Ahmed Jibran could only bring in half a point each.

For Royal Palm, eight out of 20 players managed to show more brilliance than their other team members and earned two points each for their team by prevailing over their competing team members of Gymkhana and Defence Raya. These performers for Royal Palm were Faisal Sayid, Amir Mehmood, Asim Tiwana, M Ashraf, Waqar Butt and Shahrukh Malik.

All of them put up a really good show and stuck well to their task of successfully compiling points for Royal Palm while teammates like Hamid Sharif, Chaudhry Abbas and Dr Tashbeeb could only secure one point each. FaridMalik contributed a point and a half.

For the Lahore Gymkhana team, youngster Salman Jehangir was in his true champion-like spirits and added value by securing two points.

Other Gymkhana team members, who fetched two points, were Tanwir Najam, Rizwan Raees Khan and Rehman Saleem. Single point contributors were Mohsen Zafar, Sardar Murad, Taimur Shabbir, Alam Sethi, Asad Abbas, Shahryar Anwar and Asim Zafar Khan. The point-wise standing after two segments was Gymkhana 43, Defence Raya 42 and Royal Palm 35.