We all know how important education is for the development of any society. High literacy rate ensures sustainable economic development, labour productivity, and economic prosperity. At the national level, education means strong economic growth due to a productive and skilled labour force, education seems non crucial to our country and our government. Pakistan is considered as a low human development country at the rank of 147 with 7.8 expected years of schooling and 4.7 expected years of schooling according to United Nations development ranking of HDI. Neighbouring countries like India and Bangladesh are considered middle human developed countries with the ranking of 130 for India and 142 for Bangladesh.  

How is development in our country possible with the lack of interest of our government to these sectors in the economy? Our country is considered as the sixth most populous country in the world, but the development of the country is as slow as the development in the education sector of the economy. The government expenditures on education are a very low percentage of GDP, only 2.2% of total GDP in 2014-15. The lack of the government’s interest in this sector added to corruption is totally destroying the education system of the country. 


Karachi, November 2.