It all started with a cold night while I was sleeping peacefully in my room when suddenly I heard the voice of an axe. Sleepy but tired I got up from my bed to see what was going on. The moment I saw that thing, I forgot my tiredness and sleep and shook with terror. It was a person carrying an old lantern who had a hideous face and long yellow teeth who was chopping wood from a tree in our house. I was really curious to know who the person was and why was he carrying woods with him so I quickly put on my muffler and followed him till the end of my house.

At the end of my house was along and hollow tunnel which nobody entered since years but that person did and so did I. Then meanwhile I entered the tunnel, it started to snow outside. It was my good luck that the person didn't come to know that I was following him. It was really cold inside. The man opened a humongous iron door and entered a big room where it was bright and warm. I followed him and hid behind a curtain where nobody could see me."Thank God I was safe". Suddenly I saw something so frightening which made my heart so fast that I couldn't even make a move. It was a man, made of fire that the old man recognized as "Master Devil". He was a combination of fire and ashes. The old man put all the woods in the devil so that he could be kept alive. He had many super natural powers and he used them to entice people towards evil. They both together made a plan to take over our house and make it an evil head quarters but as long as I was alive I wouldn't let this happen so I thought of an idea and soon an idea clicked my mind.

I secretively went towards the iron door meanwhile they were busy in making plans which would never come true. I quietly opened the iron door and the freezing coldness entered the room which demolished the devil. Then meanwhile it was being demolished, I went towards the old man I grabbed my muffler and put it onto the old man's neck and pulled it until he died.

I wasn’t ashamed that I killed the old man because I did it for the betterment of my own country. After that I took my muffler and got out of the tunnel and locked it for forever. It was the most frightening experience I ever had.

Suddenly, the door knocked and I woke up from my sleep. Thank God it was a nightmare.

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 22, 2016